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About Mississippi Recycling Association

The Mississippi Recycling Association (MRA) serves as the statewide nonprofit trade association for those for-profit businesses involved in the recycling industries in the State of Mississippi. The association consists of metal, plastics and fiber recyclers, recycling equipment vendors, and recycling service providers located in our Mississippi communities.

MRA advocates on behalf of its members on numerous regulatory and legislative issues. We work to have a proactive relationship with legislators and regulators in order to develop and implement effective legislation that both promotes the critical industry of recycling while also effectively addressing the issues of metal theft and environmental regulations in Mississippi.

By working to inform all interested parties of the vital importance that recycling plays in protecting our state’s environment and educating our citizens on the critical roles our industry plays in supporting manufacturers throughout Mississippi, the MRA serves as the primary resource for promoting the overwhelming environmental and economic benefits of the recycling industries in the State of Mississippi.

Additionally, as industrial manufacturers ourselves, MRA members have a century-long history of significant positive economic impact on Mississippi’s economy and job markets. Our members go to great lengths to not only obey all recycling laws (national, state, and local) but to work proactively as an invaluable resource for law enforcement in curbing metal theft throughout our state.

These goals are accomplished through educational programs for our membership, educational campaigns developed to educate the general public, and lobbying efforts to establish positive and effective relationships with our legislators and law enforcement agencies.

Recycler shaking hands with big business

Collaborative Partnerships

MRA was begun to give its members a voice in matters pertaining to numerous regulatory and legislative issues impacting our industry.  Since our establishment in 2008, we have successfully impacted legislation running the gamut from metal theft to tax policy.

Additionally, through education, outreach programs, and lobbying efforts we promote an accurate, positive image and perception of our industries. To this end, we also aim to provide a means of communication between the association and all other groups interested in or affected by Mississippi’s recycling industries, with the ultimate goal of establishing stronger and more comprehensive understanding and cooperation between our members, our legislators, our law enforcement officers and our fellow Mississippians. As an Association, we work hard to be better positioned to encourage and facilitate a cooperative partnership between all stakeholders to best promote the importance and social benefits of the recycling industry.